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Built on Jalan Sidodai in Soekarno Hatta, Pekanbaru, River Green State is expected to be one of the most prestigious housing estates in the area. Built with the riverside living concept in mind, River Green State is sure to become one of the most desirable choices for new families, millennials, and everyone in between. Thanks to the largely undeveloped land in Pekanbaru, we were then able to develop River Green State into not only one of the most desirable estates, but also one of Pekanbaru’s shining beacons in the real estate industry in the years to come.

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Green living can take many forms. From lush greenery to the abundant presence of water, being at one with nature is one thing that inherently leaves a positive impact on your life thanks to its rejuvenating properties. Therefore, we have also decided to integrate a modernist approach to the concept of green living by constructing an artificial river into the River Green State to ensure that homeowners can not only enjoy life in a constant state of harmony with nature, but also to ensure that they can stay rejuvenated and continue to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Some of the existing facilities at River Green are as follows:

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In River Green there are 3 types of houses namely, type 80, 105, and 112


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