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Alibaba Commercial Center is a new business district in Batu Aji that offers multi-functional buildings and commercial shophouses. The multifunctional building concept can be used for various types of businesses such as:
Showrooms, Warehouses, Workshops, Supermarkets, Clinics, Coffee Shops, and more.

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Why Choose Alibaba?


It is planned that the Sunboos Group will build a 5-floor plaza

Located on the edge of the main main road row 100 Batu Aji.​

It has a width of 9 meters.

The first layer consists of Bouxit, then Concrete, and finally Asphalt.

The business district is very safe because of the 24-hour non-stop guard.

All drains are covered, and look clean and tidy.

50% of the area is used for public facilities, especially roads.

Unit Type

At Alibaba there are 2 types of commercial buildings, namely Shophouse 2 & 3 floors, and also Warehouse types 12, 15 & 17.


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