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Sunliland was founded by Sjukur Laman, Sjamsuri Liga, Sunarto and Lili Hadi at Batam island, Indonesia in 2017. With the spirit of sharing to make people’s dreams come true, Sunliland is focusing primarily  on property development business in Batam, Pekanbaru  and other strategic cities in Indonesia. Two of the founders of Sunliland which are Sjukur Laman and Sjamsuri Liga are also the founders of the PKP Batam development group, while Sunarto and Lili Hadi whose names are taken to be the names of “Sun” – “Li” – “Land” itself has successfully developed few project on the Batam island, together with the founder of the PKP group.

Since 2004 Sunarto and Lili Hadi have succeeded in donating several projects on Batam island with the two project founders. Since 2004, Sunarto and Lili Hadi have entered the property world, until now they have established several companies with the PKP group founders for development in Batam and Pekanbaru. PKP group itself has been established since 1988, has built in various big cities 

Core Values


Do what’s been said.


Responsible, with the initiative to find a way out.

Continuous Improvement

Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today.


Our philosophy is that if our clientele win, then we also win.


1+1 >2, Each can be > 1 but the sign is not necessarily the same.


Identify, develop, encourage, and empower leaders within the company that have the passion, potential, and drive to carry on, grow, and successfully develop the business into the future“


“Sunliland as a nationally recognized, professional brand with succesful projects across Indonesia, as well as a strong legacy built for generations to come“

Our Project

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