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Green Forest


Our research has shown that Pekan Baru is a truly a city built and centered around hard working businessmen and women.  We have often seen that an individual’s entire life revolves around not only keeping their business running, but keeping it running well.  In order to run a business well, you must be near the premises in order to oversee day-to-day operations, be accessible in case of any issues or potential sales, as well as ensure security for your family and your employees.  Throughout Indonesia, and especially in Pekan Baru, these important factors in running a successful and stable business are taken care of through “ruko-style”, shophouse living, seamlessly combining both business and residential life.  Despite the many advantages of this lifestyle choice, there are a number of key disadvantages as well, such as safety and security being located in the open on a main road, inconvenient lock and door systems, as well as no peaceful and relaxing separation from the work environment to focus on family and personal well-being.

Our desire is to provide a strategic and enticing lifestyle solution that meets the important well-being and operational needs of both business owners and their families in Pekan Baru.  Green Forest serves as our exclusive, resort-style residential living community, located directly in the heart of the city’s commerical and entertainment district.  This prestigious complex is situated on a spacious 5.8-hectare piece of land in the city center, strategically located on a straight road very near to 3 shopping malls, big branded stores, as well as general shopping and business locations.  The complex truly lives up to the name “Green Forest,” with lush tropical greenery on all sides greeting residents and visitors alike upon entry into this resort-style living area.  A beautiful community garden spans the back of each line of homes, providing the perfect place for families and friends to get together and enjoy relaxing conversations, finish their daily fitness routines, and allow their children to play together in safety.  Our Green Forest clubhouse features a large 10 x 20-meter swimming pool, as well as top-of-the-line exercise equipment to help residents to better achieve their health and wellness goals.

The strategic location and serene tranquility of Green Forest have been specially designed and chosen to meet the needs of both business owners and families alike, enabling quick access to the workplace, while also providing a beautiful and safe place to enjoy family and community life on a day-to-day basis.  Green Forest is the perfect choice for members of the Pekan Baru community who are looking to get a little something more from their living situation and enjoy some of the reward of their hard-earned success.

The Neighborhood

Our Green Forest complex boasts a completely unique and stand alone concept for residential living in prosperous Pekan Baru.  When you first enter Green Forest, you find yourself on a spacious and straight road facing the front our prestigious clubhouse, with no houses in view, but only lush tropical gardens on each side of the road, creating an essence of both exclusivity and privacy, combined with resort-esque natural beauty.  The homes in Green Forest do not follow the common modern-style building trends, but instead seek to convey a more rustic and elegant design, with houses built according to both the ethnic and Scandanavian design styles.  Each unique home has community garden entrance from their back doors, enabling convenient and easy access to our scenic and comfortable haven of leisure and relaxation.  Each Green Forest residence is equipped with convenient hook-ups for centralized water heating and a back-up generator set.  Each home also comes ready for immediate air conditioning unit installation, with holes and outlets pre-prepared beforehand.  An exterior water storage tank is also provided for every house, enabling yet further levels of convenience and peace of mind in the midst of the common stability issues related to these important resources.  One top of all of this, all Green Forest home construction is finished in one phase, allowing residents to move into their new homes without being bothered or inconvenienced by ongoing construction projects related to the finishing of other home units.

The Build Quality

Green Forest homes are built with a focus on delivering exceptional, long-lasting, and dependable build quality, free of the “cracking” commonly found from poorly constructed foundations, and maintenance free.  Our committed and passionate team closely monitors the entire building process, guaranteeing that it is done right, prioritizing safety and superior build quality.  We compress the ground layer by layer to ensure excellent soil compaction for a strong and stable foundation.  We willingly invest more at the front end, utilizing long pilings that extend down into the hard compacted soil for long-lasting structural strength that not only meets, but exceeds civil engineering standards and customer expectations.  Our focus on safety and value in the long-term differs greatly from those in the property industry who commonly cut corners on quality in pursuit of short-term gain.  At Green Forest, we value long-term quality over short-term benefits.

Safety Matters

The safety of your family is of utmost importance to us at Green Forest.  We have designed every aspect of this exclusive city center, resort-style community with your safety in mind.  At Green Forest, we incorporate innovative autogate technology for the entrance gate, which is the very first use of such technology for residential living in Pekan Baru.  Residents and guests alike will be greeted by our professional security staff, who will collect the data of guests, and allow residents to enter with the simple tap of a card on the gate’s electronic sensor.  The spacious entrance road into Green Forest does not have access to individual home units, but is fully surrounded by gardens and the complex’s clubhouse.  CCTV systems line the streets of Green Forest, ensuring adequate monitoring and crime deterrence, in additon to the high wall surrounding and separating the entire complex from the surrounding city.  Green Forest is truly a high security cluster where families can live and be at peace in the midst of the vibrant atmosphere of the surrounding city.

Our Vision

Green Forest regarded as the number one residential living solution for business people and families alike in the bustling metropolis of Pekan Baru.

Our Mission

Deliver exclusive, resort-style living complexes that are both safe and convenient, in the city-center of Pekan Baru.

Why Choose Green Forest?
  • Unique, resort-style living in the heart of Pekan Baru
  • Meticulous focus on safety and security
  • Only auto-gate system in residential Pekan Baru
  • Easy generator set and central water heating hook-ups
  • Simple AC installations
  • Provision of water storage tank
  • Industry-exceeding build quality
  • Lush, green garden environment
  • Focus on privacy
  • Creative community garden concept
  • Luxurious club house
  • Strategic location for both entertainment and business
  • Move-in-ready / No construction
  • Affordable pricing
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July 26, 2018