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The island of Batam has drawn potential business owners to its shores from all over Indonesia for decades, offering a unique opportunity for successful business, along with the hope of a better quality of life. This rapid growth has inspired the creation of numerous commercial centers and industrial parks to support the ongoing strategic development of the island. With a population of over one million people, continuous infrastructure improvements, along with a close proximity to neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, the island of Batam is set to continue to experience dynamic growth for decades to come.

Over the last couple of years, Sunliland, our experienced residential and commercial property developer company, has worked hard to understand the keys to building a successful commercial center. Our findings have inspired us to create a new concept for a commercial center that has the potential to improve the lifestyle of the surrounding community and serve as a strategic home for the growth and success of business and industry on the island of Batam. Alibaba Commercial Center in Batu Aji is Sunliland’s grand contribution to the community, economy, and ongoing prosperity of Batam island.

The Location

Alibaba Commercial Center – by Sunliland, is a commercial and industrial development in the bustling Batu Aji area of Batam. Our modern commercial center is located on the most crowded strip of main road in the area, conveniently near to schools, universities, medical facilities, national and international ports, shopping locations, as well as multiple residences. We plan for this development to be the ideal place for both shopping and business alike, an attractive property investment, as well as a convenient place to meet the needs of the surrounding community.

The Concept

Upon launching, Alibaba Commercial Center will have a unique, 15,000m2 central plaza in operation before our shop house units are even completed, attracting people to the area and bringing it to life from the onset. In partnership with the well-known Sunboss Group, this central plaza will feature a 3-storey, and roughly 15,000m2, Sunboss Department Store. Our innovative commercial center takes on a rectangular shape with a hook location both in front of and next to the surrounding main roads. Each row of shop houses within the development is made up of 20-30 units, none of which are facing walls or empty lots. This simple layout and strategic use of space makes it easy for customers to find each and every business within this innovative commercial and industrial center.

In addition to our modern-design shop houses, Alibaba Commercial Center also features a range of custom, compact warehouse solutions in support of local industries, including online business platforms. These custom-made warehouse solutions provide business owners with the ideal setup needed to produce, warehouse, display, and even sell their products all under one roof. This integrated warehouse concept is a truly unique and revolutionary solution tailored to the success of small to medium-size businesses operating throughout the island.

Alibaba Commercial Center uses 16-20 meter wide roads that allow for a smooth flow of traffic throughout the entire development, as well as an abundance of spacious parking spaces that help to bring about an enjoyable shopping and work experience for all. We believe that this unique development will continue to flourish for generations to come because we have designed it with the well-being of both local businesses, as well as the surrounding community in mind, laying a firm foundation for a successful future.

Our Vision

Alibaba Commercial Center recognized as the top shopping, business, and industrial hub in the Batu Aji region of Batam Island, adding value to communities and growing the local economy

Our Mission

Create a successful commercial development that meets both the strategic needs of local businesses, as well as the lifestyle needs of the surrounding community

Why Choose Alibaba Commercial Center?
  • Strategic location in the bustling Batu Aji region of Batam Island
  • Modern design style
  • Smart usage of space in shop house layout giving customers easy access to businesses
  • Tenant locations along the main road
  • Compact warehouse solutions provide integrated support for small to medium sized businesses
  • Convenient 16-20 meter wide roads
  • Smooth flow of traffic throughout the development
  • Many spacious parking spaces
  • Unique 15,000m2 central plaza featuring a 3-storey Sunboss Department Store
  • Designed to attract potential customers right away
  • Lifestyle and business center for Batu Aji
  • Created by trusted and experienced Sunliland Developer
  • Property in Batam, especially commercial property, is a proven investment
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June 14, 2021