Core Values


We view proactivity as the key to every aspect of our business. We are always intentional to anticipate the needs and desires of our clientele, thinking ahead about any potential roadblocks along the way to successfully completing a project, as well as having a deep understanding of this detailed industry that enables us to make right decisions based on the continued evolution of property development trends within Indonesia.


At Sunliland, honesty is not a choice, but a requirement. We know that investing in and maintaining a foundation of trust with our clientele is of utmost importance. We strive to be transparent in every detail of the many projects that we undertake, communicating openly and honoring client expectations. Unlike many in this industry, we do not cut corners and price materials in order to take advantage of those we serve. We work hard to give honest information, explaining the details and reasoning behind every decision that we make.

Hard Work

We know what our priorities are and give them our full focus, effort, and attention. We always finish what we begin, building a solid reputation for our company on the foundation of client trust and satisfaction. We do not overcommit, valuing a realistic assessment of the time and cost of each project that we handle, consistently delivering on the dreams and expectations of every Sunliland client.


Our philosophy is that if our clientele win, then we also win. We prioritize giving our clients what they want in relation to project planning, execution, pricing, and results, knowing that our investment in them will pay off dividends to us in trust earned, reputation gained, and satisfaction shared. We believe that successful businesses are built on relationship, and we will continue to put people first in all of our operations.


Working as a solid team and try to understand each other’s differences and potential of each personnel . Open to each other and work together in finding the right solution

Effective communication and fast feedback in all parts to unite a concrete action in achieving Sunliland’s vision and missionWorking together in a team to produce a harmonious balance so as to produce optimal efficiency and company progress